April 16, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Several months ago, Joanie Fritz Zosike and Lois Kagan Mingus presented one of their Mighty Action Racket Theatre storytime performances at our branch library. Called “The Magical Castle of Now,” it was a creative and inspiring performance. There was a great deal of audience participation. The children (ranging in age from three to twelve) and adults in the room entered in and enjoyed the performance.

We have many programs at this library—some of our own devising, and others presented by a great variety of outside performers. The Magical Castle program was one of the most successful we have had in the recent past. Currently, Lois and Joanie are doing a drama workshop here for older children and young adults. We look forward to hosting more of their programs for the younger children in the future.

Should you wish for more information on programs given by Mighty Action Racket Theatre, you may reach me by email: spope@nypl.org or phone: 212-243-4334.

                                                                                                   Susan Pope,
                                                                                                   Sr. Children’s Librarian
                                                                                                   Jefferson Market Branch