June 22, 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

     Last year I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at the New York Public Library conducted by Joanie Fritz Zosike and Lois Kagan Mingus and saw firsthand their boundless energy and supportive methods of engaging the children. I knew then that they had the skill and experience to conduct the Day de Dada workshops.

     Action Racket Theatre recently presented two workshops for the 2005 Day de Dada Performance Art Festival. One workshop was for 4th graders at PS 16 and one was for 12th grade students at Curtis High School. Zosike and Mingus
co-directed the workshops with imagination and total focus, tailoring the content to the theme of the Day de Dada Performance Art Festival.

     The students very much enjoyed the performances presented during the workshops and enthusiastically participated in the activities. Each student felt supported and encouraged by Zosike and Mingus to engage in the process through words, movement, song and dance appropriate to their age and experience.

     I highly recommend the work of Action Racket Theatre, and look forward to working together with them again in the future.

Vivian Vassar
Festival Coordinator
Day de Dada Performance Art Festival